• BACK 3/5 251 USER MANUAL The 251 is THE vocal sound people ask for, but the original (vintage) versions are 50+ years old and sound very different from one another. Repairing, rebuilding and “nursing” original 251’s has been David Bock’s work spanning over 30 years. The risk for a modern studio or end user to depend on a vintage mic on a daily basis is increasingly problematic. The 251 is David Bock’s answer to the vintage mic dilemma of getting “that sound” without the headaches. It is a premier lead microphone for premier voices. It is built to last and provide the studio and user with many years of daily, high end performance.

    Patterns: Cardioid, Omni, Figure of 8 [ADJUSTABLE] Frequency Range: 10Hz to 18kHz, +/-2dB Sensitivity: 19mv/Pa Equivalent Noise: 18dB [“A” Weighted] 32dB [Unweighted] Distortion vs.SPL @1kHz: 112dB = 0.5% THD 118dB = 1% THD 129dB = 2% THD (increasing distortion is non-exponential, nearly linear, primarily 2nd harmonic) Impedance: 200 Ohms true transformer balanced Recommended load: 1.2k Ohms Dynamic range (maxSPL-"A"noise): 94dB S/N (94dB-noise): 76dB “A”, 62dB unweighted Capsule size: 1” diameter, dual asymmetrical backplate CK12 type Tube type: New Old Stock 6201 Dimensions: 2” dia x 8.5” oal (52x216mm) Weight: 1lb 9.3oz (1.58lbs) =716g Shipping weight: 12 lbs Power Supply: P251 true linear, factory wired 115v or 230v operation